In our last visit in February, the TIP! of the week was about creating your crochet work from the heart with a reason bigger than yourself.  You can find that tip with stories and inspirational video here.  This week’s tip will touch on the question of “how” to find that reason.

You see, aside from crochet, we all lead a thing called life.  And in this lifetime, we have a sphere of influence on the

Two Minutes to Change Your Life

Two Minutes to Change Your Life

people we ‘meet’ online or ‘in real life’ – in every exchange, either you are giving or receiving or both!  We have the equal opportunity to impart a little something, a little piece of US, on the next person over even if it is through mere non-verbal communication.  Don’t believe me? Check out Amy Cuddy’s famous TED talk on how our body language shapes who we are: here.

By taking 2 minutes to do a few poses every day, we can actually transform how we see ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world… it influences the hormones produced by our bodies, and you can take charge – woohoo!

How can you take THAT information and transform your crochet creation process, either by sharing the how to or gifting the end product?  You can teach someone else how to crochet and in the process of doing so, affect how YOU feel about your own work, how you value your own time.

In turn, changing your body language right before you teach someone else, staying big/open/relaxed/kicked back while you are crocheting (or stand like Wonder Woman if you’d like) can help boost yourself and that will transfer onto the ‘newbie’ or the person you are teaching.  Wow.

Do you remember a teacher/role model in your life that you really enjoyed because they made you feel great about your work?  YOU can be that role model to the next person with YOUR craft!  The best thing about it is, you can teach your craft to those who are ages 5 – 105! Imagine the people you can touch in the ripple effect of them making items for their loved ones, too?!

This is usually the part where that little voice in our head start to catch up with “but there are so many crochet teachers out there already, there are so many locally, there are so many YouTube videos…” so on and so forth.  Big news – they aren’t you!  This craft has been around for 2 centuries and there were no uniform way to name the stitches for majority of that time period.  New stitches are still being made/discovered. And you, my friend, make this craft shine.


Today’s Tips, my dear Loungers & Mooglian friends, is to:

1)    Know that your work is AMAZING — I invite you to post to facebook, Twitter and hashtag #AmazingCrochet, or post on The Crochet Lounge facebook page, or tweet them @CrochetLounge

2)    If you aren’t sure about your work, I invite you out of your comfort zone to do #1 because it may just be a voice in your head and we, the amazing crochet community, can quash that one for you for good

3)     Try out a few of the Power Poses from Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk, daily, 2 min, for the next 30days and tell me what’s changed at the end of those 30days 😀




“e” Lee

Choreographer of Hooks & Strings (Crochet Designer) at The Crochet Lounge™